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In order to protect the "At-Risk" members of our congregation, we have modified our services to ensure that we are providing great opportunities to worship and study the Word while still maintaining procedures to protect the health of our church.

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Protecting Our Congregation while Maintaining Community

With the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have had to make many changes to how we conduct our church services, hospital visits, children's programs and more.  We are not back in what we would consider a "normal" mode of conducting church services, but we are doing our best to provide opportunities for spiritual growth while protecting the health and welfare of our congregation.  Below are common questions and details as we have it available but please check our Facebook page for more current information.

COVID-19 Protection at Church

How are we conducting Sunday Services?

  • Sunday services are being held at the usual 10:00 AM and are being held with restrictions on entering and exiting the church sanctuary.

  • All members are asked to wear masks and if needed one will be provided as well as hand sanitizer being available upon entry into the church.  The congregation is asked to enter the main door in the foyer and proceed to the sanctuary.  The seating not available is taped identifying pews unavailable.  Members are asked to maintain seating distances.

  • All areas of the church excluding the foyer and sanctuary are closed off.

How are we handling bible studies, prayer groups, and other small group studies?

  • With the exception being Sunday morning worship service, all church activities have been suspended until further notice.

How are we handling the children's Acts 29! ministry?

  • All Acts 29! ministry activities are currently on hold.  We review the COVID-19 situation and how it can affect our children weekly.  We are anxious to bring this program back to full operation but are mindful of protecting our children and those they come into contact with after leaving our grounds.

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